Self Love – part I

Self-Love, part I

We can learn so much from nature specially when it comes to love. If you examine the world of plants and trees, you’ll see that the, only thing they do is to receive and give. They honor their daily and yearly rhythms. They grow by pure receiving. No judgements on what they are being given. They make sure they give back daily when they can until they have given everything and allow themselves time to rest, to only receive and as they are ready to give again, always unapologetically receiving first. The animal world differs slightly as the animals have also been given the possibility to move. So they can go get what they need and they receive and give according to their role, as that’s the way the animal kingdom has been constructed. Animals need each other and live and die accordingly, working in symbiosis with plants and trees. The human species are the only species who in addition to the above have been given the manas, the mind. With this mind we have the ability to choose. This makes us independent in a way and we can decide for ourselves what to receive, give or go after. With this we have become responsible for our own happiness, as we can choose every day how to feel, what to receive, give or go after. It’s very interesting to see that while having this powerful tool of choice and independence, already in the primal years of our lives we seem to loose our ability to receive just purity and love. And finding our way back to this ability becomes the hardest thing to do and unknowingly eventually even our lives mission. Self love is in my opinion the most difficult quality of mankind to internalize. While the plant, trees and animals show us how it is done right before our eyes every day. With have been giving the ability to think and choose we overlook not only what is right in front of us in nature but what is right within us all this time, pure love just waiting to be received unapologetically, if we would only use our mind and heart to do so.

What is your experience with allowing yourself to receive this unconditional purity and love?

With gratitude for the teachers in my life,

Much love and a smile, Aika

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